Diet For Fatty Liver Review

Diet For Fatty Liver Review

Diet For Fatty Liver

My Comprehensive Review of Dorothy Spencer’s Guide

Fatty liver diet can help you eliminate your risk for many nasty diseases if you know well what to eat as a fatty liver diet. I remember Genna who is 28 years old with two children. She has been recently diagnosed with liver cancer.She had been experiencing abdominal pain, but she dismissed it as something normal. But when it was getting worse, she knew she had to get herself checked and found out about her condition. fatty liver disease

According to her nurse, it is important to follow a strict diet for fatty liver if she truly wanted to improve her conditions. When she researched on a sample planned diet for fatty liver, she could not find one that was really satisfying. Recently, she asked her nurse again for advice and she gladly recommended her an e-book by a nurse named Dorothy Spencer. The book is entitled “Eliminating Hepatic Fat: The Fatty Liver Diet Guide and Factbook”. She was amazed immediately that there was already an e-book dedicated to following a diet for fatty liver.This guide about diet for fatty liver has helped her a lot in reversing her fatty liver disease.Her fatigue,dizziness “weird gut” feeling in the upper abdominal cavity coupled with vomitting that normally consisted of blood strings have all stopped. Her physical energies are once again on the rise. She has closely followed and understood about diet for fatty liver as explained in Drorthy Spencer’s guide. Below is a gist of her study about fatty liver disease and diet for fatty liver:

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What is a Fatty Liver Disease:


Fatty liver disease, or FLD, is the condition that marks an excessive accumulation of fat within the cells of the liver.

This condition is not considered to be normal for any individual, but it is not likely to result in damage that is permanent in nature. However, individuals that experience an accumulation of fat in this organ may experience other health complications that could have a negative impact on their overall health. One of the main health concerns that individuals with fatty liver may experience is inflammation of the liver.

Once this occurs, it could result in the onset of scarring of the liver. This is referred to as cirrhosis.

This is considered to be one of the most serious of all liver-related medical conditions.

Causes of Fatty Liver Disease


Many are under the misconception that a fatty liver is based on how much fat filled foods that a person consumes. In all actuality, medical professionals are still struggling with identifying one particular cause of this condition. It has been established that the liver plays a very important role in the process of metabolism that involves breaking down fats in the body.

It is believed that some type of error is experienced in this process and much of the fat is retained in this organ. Individuals that are overweight or are considered to be obese often experience this condition. If an individual has a high level of triglycerides in the body, they are likely to suffer from a fatty liver.

Individuals that have certain health complications such as diabetes and tuberculosis may experience this liver problem. It is also common for those that take certain medications and drink alcohol heavily to develop this problem. Fatty liver disease, associated with high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes can, in time, bring on life threatening cirrhosis of the liver. Here’s how the study worked.

The Swedish team told 44 adults to either not drink alcohol at all, or to have one drink (for women) or two drinks (for men) a day for the next three months. At both the start and finish of the work, the investigators collected samples of subjects’ blood and conducted MRI scans to measure the fat content of the liver.

Turns out, the level of fat found in the liver had nothing to do with alcohol consumption at all, and a whole lot to do with obesity and resistance to insulin. fatty liver diseaseAt the end of 3 months, not one of the group asked to drink wine showed signs of fatty liver disease or increased liver transaminases according to the researchers.

Not only that, but the research saw a 16% drop in bad cholesterol among the red wine drinking subjects. There is a lot of data supporting moderate consumption of alcohol and lower risk of heart disease, this research appears to explain the mechanism. Since the bad cholesterol was brought down so dramatically, the team is confident that something in the wine provides the benefit.

Fatty liver disease can cause inflammation that ends up permanently scarring the liver tissue, though the condition often has no symptoms and might even be missed on initial examination. Today estimates suggest as many as 20% of adults (6% of children) have this condition.

Obesity is considered the most common cause. In fact, there are experts who believe that as many as two thirds of obese adults (half of obese children) may have fatty liver disease, known to medicine as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). An advanced stage of fatty liver disease is called fibrosis.

It normally occurs when the liver delves into the Non-Alcoholic Hepatitis stage, which further develops scar tissues inside the liver. A consistency in fibrosis condition can lead to sever and often irreversible damage to the liver.

The abdominal ailment spreads over the following series of changes:


• Initial weight loss problems give vent to first stage of fatty liver disease

• With a Body Mass Index of 25.0+, the patient advances to the next level, which is T-2 Diabetes

• At this point, the affected body becomes resistant to insulin treatment

• Liver goes into fibrosis stage and increases blood pressure levels

Vitamins For Fatty Liver:


Most experts agree certain vitamins and minerals are liver friendly and help to improve liver function. In her ebook, “Fatty Liver Diet Guide”, veteran liver nurse, Dorothy Spencer, points out 6 such vitamins and minerals. These are:

Folate (folic acid) which improves liver function and can be found in foods like leafy vegetables and citrus fruits.

Vitamin B complexes (including thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pyridoxine, and cobalamine) which are involved in protein metabolism.

Vitamin K which aids in synthesizing prothrombin.

Manganese and selenium which help activate and/or speed up some of the enzymes needed for both fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

Sulfur which aids in the formation of B vitamins.

Vitamin C and vitamin E which are showing potential as fatty liver treatments due to their antioxidant capabilities which can slow hepatic cellular deterioration.

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The important thing to remember when using vitamins and minerals as part of a diet for reducing FLD is that excessive consumption can be harmful not only to the liver, but also to other areas of the body. For example, vitamin K can cause liver damage in large amounts and excessive niacin (vitamin B3) can encourage the liver to digest more fat which adds to the problem for fatty liver patients.

Biotin should be avoided as it can increase the production of fatty acids. Likewise, too many amino acids can lead to other conditions, sometimes as severe as brain damage. It is not recommended to take supplements of vitamins A and vitamin D since these are often stored in fat deposits and, therefore, are in ample supply in a fat congested liver. Diet for fatty liver is not a myth when you read Dorothy Spencer’s guide as in her diet for fatty liver guide she clearly explains what to eat to cleanse your fatty liver from unwanted fat. Her advice on diet for fatty liver is considered to be an authority as she is a qualified nurse and has been working long time with liver gut specialists.

Are you worried due to your fatty liver? Did you know you can reverse your fatty liver disease with a diet for fatty liver? You can get comple guidance about diet for fatty liver from Dorothy Spencer’s ebook. Dorothy Spencer is a veteran liver nurse that has helped hundreds of patients manage their liver disease through her book entitled “The Fatty Liver Diet Guide”.

She discusses in great detail how Diet For Fatty Liver can help you manage your fatty liver disease.