Fatty Liver Causes and Treatment – Understand and Seek the Right Cure

By | December 5, 2017

Fatty Liver Causes and Treatment – Understand and Seek the Right Cure


Fatty liver can be easily acquired by anyone. This is a disease that can cause a big health problem if not treated right away. The human liver has lot of functions, which include breaking down of fats from the stomach.

But how does fatty liver develop? Are there possible treatments for available? These are the questions you want answered. Soon, it will be revealed as you go over the article.

What causes fatty liver?

1. Obesity: Developing a fatty liver is as easy as gaining weight. It was found out that obese people are at high risk of having this liver trouble. If the body absorbs fat that is more than the liver can break down, it will infiltrate the liver cells.

2. Diabetes: A diabetic person is likely to develop fatty liver because high blood sugar level means high cholesterol level as well.

3. Pregnancy: Pregnant women usually don’t have a good, healthy and nutritious diet which is not good for the liver. It is perilous for pregnant women to develop such health problem for it can be inherited by the fetus as well. This condition may also cause coma to the patient.

4. Alcohol: It contains cholesterol that is not good for the liver. It is also known to be harmful for the liver. Thus, excessive intake of this will lead to a fatty liver.

5. Toxins: This medical problem can be due to toxins that had invaded the human body specifically the liver. These toxins can come from medications, industrial chemicals, and the food eaten.

How can fatty liver be treated?

1. Losing weight is one of the most effective remedy for this problem. An obese person has to lose weight through eating the right foods in right amount and doing exercises daily.

2. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of the processed and sweetened ones.

3. Abandon the consumption of alcohol totally or you may take it moderately according to your doctor’s advice.

4. Foods that are rich in fiber like whole grains will help cleanse the liver.

5. Consume antioxidants especially those that contains vitamin E and C. This will defend the liver from weakening and harm.

6. Use herbal remedies like milk thistle, barberry, dandelion and golden seal. These herbs can help improve the condition of the organ.

7. Drink a lot of water daily to encourage toxin elimination.

There are just some of fatty liver causes and treatment. Before trying any treatment, make sure to know first what causes your medical condition. Do this with your doctor’s help.