Fatty Liver Diet Information to Effectively Control NAFLD

By | December 6, 2017

Fatty Liver Diet Information to Effectively Control NAFLD


Also known as steatosis, Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, NAFLD is a disease that is caused by having excess fat in the liver. Fat levels in your liver should not exceed 10%. NAFLD may be caused by the liver losing its ability to convert fats into a form that can be eliminated or fat from other parts of the body or the liver absorbing increased fat from the intestine. Though not considered harmful, in severe cases it may lead to cirrhosis due to scarring and liver cancer. The fatty liver diet information provided here is to help effectively control NAFLD.

Causes of Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

NAFLD has been linked to genetics and factors like diabetes mellitus caused by insulin resistance and obesity. All the causes are interrelated. Rapid weight loss, starvation and protein malnutrition also cause fatty liver disease.

Role of Exercise in Controlling NAFLD

Research on fatty liver diet information shows that regular exercise and proper diet effectively controls NAFLD. Regular exercise and dieting have no side effects like drugs and are the best methods for control of the disease before it progresses to unmanageable levels. Decreased exercise increases intrahepatic fat and abdominal fat. It also decreases insulin sensitivity. All these are causes of fatty liver disease. Regular exercise reduces fat in the liver which reduces the risk of developing fatty liver disease.

Maintaining a healthy exercise routine for weight loss takes time and discipline. You should take initial steps and allow room for errors before you fully adjust to the routine. Overdoing the exercises will be counterproductive since it is not sustainable in the long run. It should therefore be a step at a time

Fatty Liver Diet Information on the Role of Diet in Controlling NAFLD

Reduction in alcohol intake and quitting smoking also reduces chances of developing heart problems and stroke which are disposing factors for developing fatty liver disease. Alcohol intake and smoking also predispose you to obesity – one of the leading causes of NAFLD.

Current literature on fatty liver diet information for improving the health of NAFLD sufferers suggests that patients must reduce high saturated fat diets since they worsen insulin resistance. Solid fats are found in cheese, ice cream and butter, amongst others. Instead, opt for healthy fats like fish oil and avocados. Also limit your carbohydrate intake. Choose small portions, limiting added sugars, sugary drinks and sweets. This reduces overall calorie intake and helps in weight loss. Instead, increase fiber intake to control blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Crash dieting only makes NAFLD worse, it has the reverse effects that you would want: you should strain to lose weight regularly under the guidance of a professional and a dietician. Junk food increases fat levels in your body so should be avoided. Commercial weight loss diets are also not effective since they offer short term results that end up being more harmful to your weight loss program.

Keep healthy snacks at hand to satisfy your cravings. These include raw nuts, protein smoothies like coconut or almond milk smoothies, raw vegetables like carrots and raw vegetable juice.


According to the North American Society for Paediatric Gastroenterology, Herpetology and Nutrition, the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease affects up to 40% of Americans. There is therefore a need to control the disease using the fatty liver diet Information provided here. Check with your doctor before beginning any type of new diet or exercise program. Your personal calorie and diet needs depend on your age, height, current weight, activity level, stage of fatty liver disease, and presence of other health conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol.