Fatty Liver Diet Plan: Get A Healthy Liver

By | November 4, 2017

Fatty Liver Diet Plan: Get A Healthy Liver

Have you been diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD? Relax; you have a chance to make changes and take action to keep your liver healthy. Today, we offer you great insights on how to reduce the fat in your liver, which is affecting your lifestyle, by just undertaking a slight dietary change by following this guide to making a fatty liver diet plan. With the above introduction I am pretty sure you are ready to go. Let’s get healthy!

The alarming rising rate of obesity is simultaneously making fatty liver disease more prevalent today, mostly in the western world. With 50% of the population recorded to be undertaking no exercise and also having poor dietary programs, ultimately translates to fatty liver disease spreading like bush fire. It will not be a surprise soon to hear its rate being equal to, or surpassing the current rates of diabetes and high cholesterol.

1. You Have to get it Right with the Portions

One of the critical aspects of this journey is controlling the portion size of your meal; if you are passionate to keep check of your weight. It is recommended that when you are making a fatty liver diet plan, your regular meal should at least be 40% carbohydrates, 40% vegetable or 40% protein and daily.

Do not just make an abrupt adjustment; consult your personal doctor to guide you, and have your medical status determined and factored in when planning a fatty liver diet plan. A target of shedding 10% of one’s weight, is one big move; it will not only reduce the fat in your important liver but also mitigate the risk of stroke and heart complications.

Your body parts are a family; that is, body organs are interconnected. This means when your heart is compromised, it will affect your kidney and liver. While on the other hand, when your liver is damaged, it will in turn affect your brain and the cardiovascular system. It is, therefore, important to endeavour towards a fat-free liver.

2. Fatty Liver Diet Plan Requires Increasing Veggie and Fruits Stock

Fruits and vegetables have an immense role to play in your body, not just by supplying calories, but more importantly they are sources of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and several unique elements protecting the different body systems.

For instance, the humble banana was recently found to have very special anti-cancer elements. So, instead of that chocolate or cookies you have an option of staving off cancer when you consume the banana as part of your fatty liver diet plan.

3. Cut Down on Carbohydrates or Starches

Several years ago, it was believed that eating fat made you obese. It is true that fat contains more calories per gram than carbohydrates or even proteins. Hence it was logical to presume that fat can make you fat! That actually turns out to be incorrect.

Although it is true that excessive consumption of fat adds pounds, it seem that fat by itself will not lead to the production or storage of fatty cells in the human body. Carbohydrates or starches are the culprits!

The body is encouraged to store more fat in cells when starch is digested, further, more fat tissues are created. This results in conditions such as fatty liver disease.

People have to realize that while they are avoiding fatty food, they will not be doing any good when they ingest starchy and sugary food. The fatty liver diet plan recognizes that the important key is moderation!

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