Fatty Liver Diet Recipes: A Better Lifestyle

By | December 6, 2017

Fatty Liver Diet Recipes: A Better Lifestyle

Across America, the rate of obesity has never been as high as it is today. More people increasingly consume fast foods. A diagnosis for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) should serve as a wakeup call. You should immediately start to remedy the situation by choosing decent fatty liver diet recipes before you begin the dangerous descent into more complications.

The first and most obvious step is to change your consumption habits immediately. Failure to do so could lead to liver scarring, i.e. liver fibrosis and eventually liver cirrhosis. At that stage, you may require a liver transplant. However, due to your obesity, insurance laws do not exactly favor you. In addition, you are unlikely to be put at the top of the donor list. Nevertheless, being diagnosed with fatty liver is not akin to being handed a death sentence. In fact, you should thank your lucky stars that it has been caught early enough before it has progressed.

Simply tweaking a few aspects of your current life-style will have far-reaching ramifications on your future. The best place to start is in your kitchen, here are some fatty liver diet recipes that can get you started on the journey to a better life:

Tofu and Broccoli Delight is One of the Best Fatty Liver Diet Recipes


You will need a tablespoon each of honey, low sodium soy sauce and corn-starch as ingredients. You also need a teaspoon of chili oil or chili sauce, and 3 cloves of minced garlic. You will need one US cup of meat chicken broth, half a cup each of fresh scallions, sliced mushrooms and sliced broccoli (florets). You also require two teaspoons of sesame oil, one-third cup of ginger dressing and finally a half kilo of firm tofu.


1. Use a non-reactive bowl to marinate the tofu, using 1/3 cup of ginger dressing, for one hour.
2. After one hour remove the marinated tofu, keep the ginger marinade.
3. Pour the sesame oil into a cast iron pan preheated with medium high heat. Stir-fry the broccoli and mushrooms for about six minutes or until they are tender.
4. Place all the remaining ingredients in the non-reactive bowl, combining them with the ginger marinade.
5. Put the tofu in the pan and pour the mixture from the non-reactive bowl over the tofu.
6. Let all the ingredients simmer, including the broccoli and mushrooms, for about four minutes. Gently whisk this mix but be careful not to mess up the tofu.
7. Finally, serve it over a bowl of rice. Make sure to limit the serving to one-half cup per meal.

You can vary the vegetables in this recipe to create many different fatty liver diet recipes!

Homemade Salmon Patties

This is another of the fatty liver diet recipes that can do wonders for your liver. It has important vitamins and minerals needed for your general well-being.


Ingredients are 1/3 cup of sliced, fresh cilantro and sliced fresh scallions each. One egg, one bell pepper (sliced into thin strips) and one finely sliced small onion. You also need two cloves of finely minced garlic, five lettuce leaves and half a kilo of fresh skinless salmon sliced into medium size pieces, then finally, a tablespoon of curry paste.


1. Preheat the oven to over 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. Mix the minced garlic, sliced bell pepper, onion and curry paste in a food processor. Blend them until they form a smooth paste.
3. Add the egg, sliced cilantro and salmon into the food processor next. Blend them until they become a smooth paste.
4. With the aid of a spatula, arrange half a cup portions of the smooth paste on a baking tray.
5. Bake all the patties together for 15 minutes.
6. When done, serve each patty by placing it on a lettuce leaf. This delicacy can be served together with buns made of whole wheat.

These fatty liver diet recipes are just a few of the many recipes available for treating fatty liver disease. Combined with a bit of exercise, you may yet have a chance at a healthy life.

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