Fatty Liver Pain? What You Should Know

By | December 6, 2017

Fatty Liver Pain? What You Should Know

Sometimes, people diagnosed with fatty liver disease have some vague disturbing pain mostly in the right part of their abdomen, at a spot right below their rib cage. This is could be due to fatty liver pain,

The pain is a usual occurrence, and if you have already undergone a doctor’s examination, you have less to worry. A liver test may detect a fatty liver, however, sophisticated imaging scans will show the extent of the fatty liver condition.

You will however, require biopsy test of the liver to exclude non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, NASH, or liver inflammation, which may be caused by the fatty liver condition. These are important reasons to visit your doctor for a proper examination, if you have not already done so.

There are different liver conditions which may manifest themselves through pain, not just NASH or fatty liver complications. For instance, the cause may be from fibrosis (scarring of the liver) or the end-stage, which is an advanced level of the liver disease known as cirrhosis of the liver.

Causes of Fatty Liver Pain

The main causes of fatty liver disease include obesity, heart complications (cardiovascular disease) or smoking. Anyone who has been diagnosed with NASH or NAFLD is warned against continuing tobacco use, since the tobacco inhalation is contraindicative of NAFLD.

A common question is, can one get fatty liver disease yet they are not obese or overweight? And the answer is YES. This is possible if there is a recorded history of liver complications in the family. In simple terms, one is susceptible to fatty liver ailment if they are genetically predisposed.

Treatment of Fatty Liver Pain

The best method to treat NAFLD and fatty liver pain is by developing a regular and planned exercising program and by eating healthy food. The two may sound simple or obvious to many of us, but a well-checked combination of diet and exercises will be steps in the right direction to re-gaining health and achieving your desired body changes. If you doubt these suggestions, consult any doctor worth their salt and they will not hesitate to tell you the best and simplest way to cut liver fat is through regular and vigorous exercises.

In a day, the recommended time to exercise if you want to experience changes, is a minimum of 20 minutes doing cardio exercises plus 10 minutes of a weight training program. This only requires that you sacrifice 30 minutes of your precious time daily.

You have options of either exercising in the evening, morning or the afternoon. The best time recommended is the morning workout, since it won’t interfere with your sleeping comforts. But if the morning exercise is not practical it will not do you any harm to exercise at night.

Regulate Diet to Control Fatty Liver Pain

To achieve the best results, use a simple regulated diet – just keep off the common simple carbohydrates, and instead rely on carbohydrates sources which are more nutritious and complex.

If you can sacrifice and take more of veggies than bread, pasta or rice, that will be the best beginning of the journey to alleviating your fatty liver pain. If you consume a fatty liver diet, it will not only result in a healthy liver but it will be the best diet to be on if you have diabetes. Veggies help regulate your body sugars as they take more time to be digested fully, apart from helping relieve fatty liver pain.

But I am sure a question about fruit juice may be ringing in your mind, but let’s face it, fruits have high sugar content from the fructose. It is recommended to cut your consumption of fruit to a single cup in a day. Mostly go for fruits which aren’t sweet but in case you have to; take a third of a cup as the limit.