Foods to Avoid If You Are Suffering From Fatty Liver Disease

By | December 5, 2017

Foods to Avoid If You Are Suffering From Fatty Liver Disease


Excessive intakes of foods that are high in glycemic index contribute to having a fatty liver, a condition wherein fats build-up in the liver cells. It is necessary for someone diagnosed with such disease to cure it before any further damage will be done. To deal with this trouble, there are some fatty liver foods to avoid.

1. Foods that are highly processed. Obesity and diabetes can cause fatty liver. In order to help you overcome your condition, all you have to do is to be conscious on the food you are taking in. Know the foods that might influence your sugar level.

Foods like pancakes and pastry products that are snack-sized are to be avoided for they can increase blood sugar level. Ice cream, sodas, lemonades, jams and other foods that are so sweet for this can just worsen your condition.

These foods will increase the glycemic index content of the body in a very fast manner which is not good for someone with diabetes. Liver fats are closely associated with diabetes. Foods that have high sugar contents also have high calories thus causing someone to gain weight.

2. Dairy products. One of the grounds of having this liver disease is due to the malfunction of the liver or it can’t break down fats regularly as it should be. This is why fats gather in the liver.

The body needs fat and it is recommended for the body to take in certain amount of fats it needed but this doesn’t mean that you can eat any food as long as your body can comply with the requirement. Keep away from foods that have saturated fats like French fries, fried chicken and donuts.

However, you can fry chicken or cook vegetables using olive oil for it contain fats that are good for the heart. Also prevent from eating cheese, peanut butter, cookies, chocolates and mayonnaise for this is high in saturated fats. Prefer to drink milk that is non-fat.

3. Alcoholic drinks. Drinking too much alcohol may be the reason why you acquire such liver condition. Red wine may be known to be good for the heart but this should be consulted to a doctor. Others may say that it’s alright as long as you have it in small amounts daily, but others may advise to completely abandon the consumption of all alcoholic drinks.

The above condition may be caused by various factors but all sufferers of this disease are recommended to avoid the foods mentioned above regardless of its cause. Fatty liver foods to avoid should be followed to fix the damage done to the liver.