Fatty liver is not hepatitis? Is it contagious?

By | December 1, 2017

Fatty liver is not hepatitis? Is it contagious?


Fatty liver is only the content of fat in the liver, fat cells in a large number of liver cells caused by liver fatification. It is not caused by the virus, but only metabolic triglyceride accumulation of metabolic liver dysfunction, it is reversible, once the accumulation of excess fat in the liver to eliminate, most of the liver function can return to normal, nor Leave any sequelae.

Fatty liver and viral hepatitis are only clinical manifestations of similarities, because both to varying degrees, reduce the liver’s normal metabolic function, liver dysfunction, resulting in a series of gastrointestinal symptoms. However, the two are essentially different because they belong to two different types of liver diseases. So: fatty liver is by no means hepatitis.

In addition, viral hepatitis caused by hepatitis virus is contagious, but fatty liver is not caused by hepatitis virus infection, but due to the accumulation of intrahepatic fat, and naturally no infectious at all.

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