Fatty liver patients pay attention to what?

By | December 5, 2017

Fatty liver patients pay attention to what?


As people’s living standards improve, the incidence of fatty liver is on the rise, with a prevalence of 5% -9% in adults and 20% -90% in children. Fatty liver is due to a variety of reasons, liver fat metabolism dysfunction, lipid imbalance caused by the dynamic balance. Fatty liver is called fatty liver when it accumulates more than 5% of the total weight of the liver or histopathologically more than one third of the liver cells are diseased.

Fat deposition is generally reversible.


Got fatty liver how to do it? Fatty liver due to common causes of malnutrition, alcoholism, diabetes, drug or poison damage, therefore, patients with fatty liver should pay attention to the following aspects: First of all to treat the primary disease.

Drinkers must completely abstain from alcohol. Diabetes patients should actively control blood sugar, the correct use of hypoglycemic drugs or insulin under the guidance of a doctor, if the patient is too high, the amount of fat in the food should be strictly limited, with the doctor under the guidance of appropriate application of lipid-lowering drugs. Second, the use of diet therapy.

Correct nutritional imbalance, pay attention to light diet, some foods such as oats, corn, kelp, garlic, apples, milk, onions, carrots, peanuts, hawthorn, fig and other foods can play a role in lipid-lowering, fatty liver patients may wish to eat regularly. Third, the use of sports therapy. Increase self-care awareness, appropriate exercise can reduce weight.

Fourth, drug treatment. Optional choline and L-carnitine and so on. Fifth, Chinese medicine treatment. Some people think that large, small Chai Hu Tang have a certain effect. In addition, you can often use Salvia, Radix, hawthorn, medlar, skullcap and so on.