What are the clinical manifestations of fatty liver?

By | December 5, 2017

What are the clinical manifestations of fatty liver?


The clinical manifestations of fatty liver varied, mild fatty liver more than no clinical symptoms, easily overlooked. According to records, about 25% of fatty liver patients clinically asymptomatic. Some only fatigue, and most patients with fatty liver more fat, it is more difficult to find minor symptoms.

Therefore, patients with fatty liver more than accidentally discovered during the examination. Moderate to severe fatty liver has a similar performance of chronic hepatitis, may have loss of appetite, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, liver or right upper quadrant pain and so on.

Liver mild swelling may have tenderness, slightly tough texture, blunt edge, smooth surface, a small number of patients may have splenomegaly and liver palms.

When the intrahepatic fat deposits too much, the liver capsule can be inflated, liver ligament traction, causing severe pain or tenderness in the right upper quadrant, fever, leukocytosis, misdiagnosed as acute abdomen and laparotomy. When fat vesicles rupture, fat particles into the blood can also cause sudden fatal brain and pulmonary vascular embolism.

If the liver cells fat accumulation of sinusoidal or small bile duct pressure, portal vein blood flow and bile excretion obstruction, portal hypertension and cholestasis. Due to acute chemical poisoning, drug poisoning or acute gestational fatty liver, the clinical manifestations of mostly acute or subacute hepatic necrosis, easily confused with severe hepatitis.

In addition, patients with fatty liver often glossitis, angular cheilitis, skin ecchymosis, limb numbness, abnormal limbs and other peripheral neuritis changes.

A small number of patients may also have gastrointestinal bleeding, bleeding gums, epistaxis and so on. Severe fatty liver patients may have ascites and lower extremity edema, electrolyte disorders such as hyponatremia, hypokalemia, fatty liver performance in case of diagnosis difficult, you can do liver biopsy diagnosis.