What factors can cause fatty liver?

By | September 5, 2017

What factors can cause fatty liver?

Dietary factors: first long-term malnutrition, hunger or long-term consumption of high fat, high cholesterol (such as fat, egg yolk, cream, chocolate, etc.) is an important reason for the formation of fatty liver. Also to emphasize that many patients once infected with liver disease or other chronic diseases in a quiescent period, then unconditionally give increased nutrition and high-calorie diet, or long-term intravenous infusion of high concentrations of glucose, resulting in excess nutrients, will eventually lead to fat liver.

long-term heavy drinking: the role of alcohol can also make intrahepatic fat metabolism disorders, accumulation of fat cells, the occurrence of “chronic alcoholic fatty liver.”

Obesity: About half of obese patients have mild fatty liver: In patients with severe obesity, the incidence of fatty liver up to 60% -90%. Visible obese patients have obvious tendency to fatty liver.

drugs or chemical poisons: such as steroids, growth hormones, salicylic acid preparations (such as aspirin), certain sedative sleeping pills, benzene, arsenic, alcohol, iodoform, Carbon, antimony and so easily induced fatty liver.

infection: such as tuberculosis, chronic ulcerative colitis, chronic bronchitis, chronic liver, gall bladder, kidney disease often associated with fatty liver.

endocrine diseases: diabetes, anterior pituitary and hyperthyroidism, especially in diabetic patients, the incidence of fatty liver up to 20% -80% (average 50%), and fatty liver patients with diabetes Also accounted for 4% -46% (average 25%).

chronic hypoxia: such as severe anemia, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and altitude, altitude operations, often because of severe hypoxia, affecting the liver’s fat metabolism, resulting in fatty liver.

Others: Fatty liver may also occur in people who do not love sports and who sit in work for a long time.