Why fat people fatty liver occurs?

By | October 6, 2017

Why fat people fatty liver occurs?


Half of obese people may have mild fatty liver, but the incidence of fatty liver in patients with severe obesity up to 61%.

Obesity due to the body fat tissue increases, the body increased release of fatty acids and free fatty acids, has become the body’s main energy supply, while reducing the use of glucose.

Under normal circumstances, lower glucose utilization, blood glucose levels can stimulate insulin secretion to inhibit the release of free fatty acids, but when a substantial increase in body fat, even by insulin inhibition, the absolute amount of free fatty acids or increased, making Too much fatty acid into the liver synthesis of triglycerides, so the formation of fatty liver.

This is why fat people are prone to the basic principle of fatty liver.

In addition, the help of people with high fever in obese patients is also a factor in the formation of fatty liver.

Intrahepatic fat accumulation and body weight is proportional to obese patients weight control, the degree of fatty liver reduced. On the contrary, weight gain, fatty liver also increased. This shows that fat people’s fatty liver is a part of the body’s total fat. Reduce the nutrition aid, weight control, fatty liver can be improved.