Why patients with hepatitis easily fatty liver?

By | August 6, 2017

Why patients with hepatitis easily fatty liver?


Due to the history of hepatitis, the symptoms and the abnormal liver function, the symptoms of fatty liver combined with no specificity, it is difficult to make a definitive diagnosis from the clinic.

It was reported 19 cases of hepatitis fatty liver, triglycerides all 2-3 times higher than normal, serum cholesterol also increased by half. However, it has also been reported that hyperlipoidemia can be seen only in patients with severe fatty liver and does not exceed the normal range.

Therefore, lipid indicators alone may be missed most of the patients with hepatitis and fatty liver. It was reported that A-type ultrasound on the diagnosis of simple fatty liver in line with the rate of 95.7%. However, only 44.4% of the cases reported A-type ultrasound fatty liver characteristics. B ultrasound diagnosis of hepatitis fatty liver seems to have no obvious superiority, especially for light and medium fatty liver patients.

Therefore, should still be a comprehensive examination, including CT, consider the diagnosis. If the clinical delayed healing of hepatitis, especially after a marked improvement in appetite, weight gain rapidly, patients with hepatitis symptoms are not heavy.

But the liver is not shrinking, ALT and other indicators of liver function continued to decline, the possibility of fatty liver should be considered, and dynamic observation , If necessary, liver biopsy or trial of fatty liver treatment.