Fatty Liver Home Remedies – 4 Ways to Do It

By | December 5, 2017

Fatty Liver Home Remedies – 4 Ways to Do It


One of the diseases that need a lot of care is fatty liver. Meaning, it should not be ignored so as to prevent the development of more serious health problems like cirrhosis, inflammation of the liver, fibrosis and cell death.

Certain fatty liver home remedies are attainable to help sufferers deal with the condition.

1. Lessen Weight

Several factors can contribute to the development of the disease and one of them is obesity. Once the person is obese, it only means that he or she has high cholesterol level and has a lot of fats that can’t be broken down of the liver due to its excessive amount.

These fats will just build up and worst infiltrate the live cells. That is why it is highly recommended for obese people with fatty liver to lose weight by being keen on the food intake and exercising daily.

2. Avoid Alcohol Intake

This doesn’t only mean you have to drink moderately but to completely abandon it as much as possible. It has high calorie content that can harm the liver. If the sufferer will continue its alcohol consumption, it is likely to develop a more serious liver problem.

3. Cleanse Your Body

This is not an external cleansing but internal. Sometimes a fatty liver is due to the high level of toxins that had entered the body through medications, industrial chemicals and foods. It is necessary to eliminate these toxins to not further the liver damage. It can be done by drinking a lot of water daily and eating foods that are rich in fiber like whole grains.

4. Use Herbal Medicines

Herbs that can help improve the liver condition are just around. The most common of them is the milk thistle. Since this is fat soluble, it would be best if this would be consumed together with fatty foods containing olive oil or fish oil.

This herb can help in restoring and detoxifying the liver. Barberry can also help lessen the liver damage for it nourishes it and help to help out to function normally. But this is not to be taken by pregnant women for it can result to miscarriage. Another is dandelion. This is effective at cleansing the liver and can be taken in raw, as supplement or tincture.

These are just some of the fatty liver home remedies that can help out improve the condition of your fatty liver. These are effective but they don’t assure complete healing of the liver. Ones the liver is damaged, it won’t be cured but just be reversed.